Pool Building Services

Architectural Pools Melbourne is one of the leading swimming pool companies. Our pool builders have designed and installed inground, concrete swimming pools that suit your home and transform your backyard into a great place to enjoy summer and to host parties.


A belief that the construction of concrete, inground swimming pools should be an opportunity to create something exciting that considers the overall vision for the landscape is what drives our philosophy. This is reflected in the adept use of a wide range of materials and finishes, integrated in a way that is only achievable through an in-depth understanding of construction methods. As pool builders, we believe that the shell of the pool is only the beginning of the aesthetic experience that a pool brings.


Being outdoors and around water is a quintessential aspect of the Australian lifestyle and our gardens should reflect that. The design of a landscape can also enhance our lives from within a building and should perform this function year round. Our expert horticultural knowledge and a considered approach to plant selection and arrangement allows for a design that can be dynamic throughout the year.


Following a consultation and collaborative design process, our team will begin construction. Our intimate knowledge of the design means that the construction of inground swimming pools that are made from concrete flows smoothly without the need for any interpretation between contractors. This results in a quicker and better project upon delivery.

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